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Why hasn't this been frot-paged yet?

I loved the art style, animation and audio. I honestly don't know why some recent flashes have been frontpaged whgen this i sitting right here! This is amazing!

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Pretty good!

The animation was actually very good, and the characters and backgrounds were drawn well too. However, it was short. This is definately one of the best (though shortest) strawberry-clock animations I've seen. If you put a little time into this idea and made it into a series, I would gladly give them 5/5 and 10/10! The fading sound of pear as he leaves the scene and the other little details that were not overlooked made this little flash very good. I hope to see a longer episode of this, and think that it would get very good ratings if you did release one.

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you for your positive and honest review.
It's so short for two reasons. It's based on a short comic with only four panels and It was made for the Flash Flood event.


when does the movie start? Oh wait. this is the movie. when i realised this was it, i lolled pretty hard so i'm giving this a 5.

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This game was okay.

This has potential. I kind of liked it, but the trees and obvious lack of effort you put into the backgrounds took away from the experience of playing it. I liked the level of difficulty and the reseting to the previous level upon death. If you animated the enemies and made the key-objects less sezure-ish then the game would be better. None the less, I mildly enjoyed trying to get through each level. The characters fast movements makes him a bit hard to control, which is fun. You should make a sequel that is overall improved.

It's okay...

The concept was good, but the graphics and music and lack of any visible effort wrecked the game. Like I said, the angle/viewpoint's relation to the characters profile and backgrounds drawn perspective is non-existent. From where the player see's the character, he is facing out. However, the civilians and enemies are all placed directly beneath him. He holds the (rifle?) in one hand and never needs to reload. Adding some animations of him reloading and including an ammo bar/gauge would improve this game. Furthermore, have the player's viewpoint be First-person as the sniper, and have the sniper on a building, far away from the enemies, who walk on a street in the distance. Maybe make space bar the button to go in and out of your scope. I liked the idea. It's pretty unique, and if pulled off correctly, might be a game worth playing as a kind of stress reliever. Mindless killing with no real objective other than: kill the bad guys, don't hit the civilians. However, these are just my views. My last advice is to LOOK at your game before you publish it, thinking: would I play this game myself, and enjoy it? If you can't honestly say yes, then don't publish. And by the way, the music kind of fits, but is low quality and clashes horribly with the firing sound. Also, because it is a fairly short loop, there is a very noticable pause between each loop.
I hope on your next work you take into consideration my advice.

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rikh89 responds:

thanks for the hints! this was very usefull, and thanks that you didn't gave me a 0

Don't car about your "backstory"...

Your "game" isn't really a game. And the backstory wasn't funny either, if you were trying to make this thing into a joke.

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Very cool

Very vivid and smooth. It's really cool looking.

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antiandy responds:

Thank you! :)

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